Independents Day 08: ID08

4th July saw the launch of Independents Day, a new annual initiative in the UK from the Association of Independent Music (AIM) to celebrate the importance and success of independently released music throughout the world — with album/event activity replicated globally under the umbrella of WIN, the Worldwide Independent Network) — and also to raise a bit of cash for charity.

The double ID08 CD was only available in the shops for three days, although you can still get it online — and forgetting about the charitable inclinations there’s a few musical reasons why you might like to do so.

The first disc contains a collection of famous modern indie stars covering songs by other (mostly) modern indie stars of which there are generally more interesting and unexpected choices — Devendra Banhart’s “Don’t Look Back in Anger” and Jarvis Cocker and Beth Ditto’s duet on “Temptation” for example — than the obvious ones — Roderigo y Gabriela’s “Orion”…

The second disc sees well-known indie acts’ recommendations of lesser-known, or more-indie acts, which, in the case of the several great songs like British Sea Power’s choice The Tenderfoot’s “People are the Problem”, may do the exact thing that the whole initiative has set out to do — and turn more people on to the acts that work on the fringes and through the little operations, yet have so much to offer.

Full track-listing is as follows:

1 The Prodigy — “Ghost Town” (originally recorded by The Specials)
2 Infadels — “Steady As She Goes” (originally recorded by The Raconteurs)
3 The Futureheads — “With Every Heartbeat” (originally recorded by Robyn)
4 Jack Penate — “Dub Be Good To Me” (originally recorded by Beats International)
5 Tom Smith from Editors — “Bonny” (originally recorded by Prefab Sprout)
6 British Sea Power — “Tug Boat” (originally recorded by Galaxie 500)
7 The Charlatans — “Murder” (originally recorded by New Order)
8 Feeder — “Public Image” (originally recorded by PIL)
9 The Cribs — “Bastards Of Young” (originally recorded by The Replacements)
10 Jarvis Cocker and Beth Ditto — “Temptation” (originally recorded by Heaven 17)
11 Maximo Park — “Was There Anything I Can Do?” (Originally recorded by The Go-Betweens)
12 Jose Gonzalez — “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (originally recorded by Joy Division)
13 Devendra Banhart — “Don’t Look Back In Anger” (originally recorded by Oasis)
14 Rodrigo Y Gabriela — “Orion” (originally recorded by Metallica)

1 A.Human — “Black Moon” (recommended by Infadels)
2 Thomas Tantrum — “Swan Lake” (recommended by The Futureheads)
3 Shrag — “Long Term Monster” (recommended by The Cribs)
4 Sixteen Layers — “Torch” (recommended by Embryonic Music)
5 Bang Bangs — “In Arms” (recommended by Feeder)
6 Oceansize — “Savant” (recommended by Rodrigo Y Gabriela)
7 Cougar — “Merit” (recommended by Maximo Park)
8 Electricity In Our Homes — “We Thought It Was But It Wasn’t” (recommended by The Charlatans)
9 Mobius Band — “Friends Like These” (recommended by Tom Smith from Editors)
10 The Tenderfoot “People Are The Problem”



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