SuncéBeat will not return to Croatia in 2024

Organisers of SuncéBeat have revealed this summer's edition could be the last in Croatia.

The 14th edition of the festival will likely be the final dance because the team is taking a break in 2024 as they shift their focus to develop other ideas and their Southport Weekender continues each spring in the UK.

So Thursday, July 20th to Thursday, July 27th will be a send-off with Body & Soul NYC: (Joe Claussell - Danny Krivit - Francois K), Kruder & Dorfmeister (DJ set), DJ Spoony, Kenny Dope, David Morales, Danilo Plessow (MCDE) and his live band Another Taste, Hunee, Antal, Osunlade, Tony Humphries, and Children of Zeus (live) all set to play.

Alex Lowes said: "We’ve made some brilliant friends on this journey which has taken us from the early Petrcane days when the whole idea of festivals in Croatia was in its infancy to the more recent years in Tisno where we’ve amped up our ambition and scale. Throughout this we’ve always kept to our roots in the artists we’ve booked and the amazing and loyal crowd we’ve cultivated through the years, essentially a distillation of The Southport Weekender in terms of our ethos and musical scope. 

"Making so many friends, building these relationships and being lucky to come to this gorgeous part of the world each year has always been the highlight for myself, Nick and the wider SuncéBeat team, and not coming next summer is going to hurt us all. We will dearly miss Croatia’s warm welcome, Tisno’s intimacy and the fantastic festival site at the Garden Resort, the boat parties and of course Barbarella’s.

"So this summer is going to be all about celebrating the good times we’ve had – and we have had many – and to party with all of our favourite guests day and night. We know SuncéBeat’s made an indelible imprint in the history of Croatian festivals and the memories will last long, and we expect July to be extra special and a chance to say goodbye to what we have created here in a suitably fitting style."

Alex adds: “We’ve thought long and hard over this decision and we have to be realistic - myself and Nick have faced many challenges in the last three years running SuncéBeat and ever more so as we now approach this 14 th and final edition. Being independent is an integral part of who we are and always will be, but it adds to all of the other factors you need to go well for any event on our festival’s level to work. 

"It’s not been an easy decision - it’s frankly been very painful to come to - but also we know it’s the right one and the essence of SuncéBeat will continue in a new guise elsewhere in Europe. And whilst I would always say you never know, I do feel that this is our last Croatian odyssey. So we’re going to conclude SuncéBeat with as big a bang as possible for everyone and make a memorable last party which will have Tisno rocking. We want to give everyone the best memories and something to cherish. It’s been a wonderful, bonkers and love-filled journey."

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