FOLD's Futur.Shock LIVE to explore anxiety, stress, and over stimulation

FOLD's in-house experimental arts programme returns for a third season exploring the anxiety, stress, and over stimulation of contemporary society through themes such as mental health, political and social struggles, intimacy and sexuality.

Futur.Shock LIVE season three, titled 'Another Day of Gravity', starts with volume one presented across three chapters at the venue in London's Canning Town.

Chapter one, dubbed 'Mad Matter', will start the season on Thursday, September 28th.

Expect explorations of the political potential of “madness”, neurological disorders, and depression, and how the mind reacts to the sensory and cognitive overload of contemporary societies' assault on the psyche.

Multidisciplinary artist Leask will perform Paroxysm, which reflects on a range of health issues that involve involuntary muscle movements of the body such as tics or seizures. This performance will take us on a sonic journey through the phases of a seizure.

Composer and producer Malthus will pair contortion and contemporary dance with symphonic and electronic composition to focus on themes of depravity, exhaustion, romance and lust, as he deconstructs typical movement and sonics to construct a bleakly industrial world painted with a twisted surrealism.

Other contributing artists include Josh Woolford, Mellowdramatics, Oscar King & Lesya Tyminska, SWARMM & Karolina Magnusson Murray. Chapter One is curated by Futur.Shock’s founder Karolina Magnusson Murray.

Chapter two, 'Different Ways to Fuck, or Be Fucked', will start contirnue the season on Thursday, November 30th, this time programmed by Erkan Affan in collaboration with Eric Shen and Futur Shock.

Exploring the different ways in which we corporally, discursively, politically and sonically fuck and/or are fucked, the evening showcases a number of artists and curators’ work to address both how power and practice are navigated in contemporary art and its surrounding discourse.

The volume concludes with chapter three on Thursday, Janaury 25th. 

'Touch Me Free' in collaboration with London Short Film Festival will be curated by Maya Sfakianaki to highlight the power of intimacy, sexuality and physical contact to combat the dullness and formality of society by bringing people closer, exploring how individuals are using their physicality as a shield against the monotony of societal expectations.

The programme offers a mix of animation, documentary and live action films from emerging filmmakers interested in exploring intimacy and sexual interaction, remembering its past, understanding its presence in modern society and wondering about its future.

The films will present an alternative approach to erotic filmmaking that understands and portrays sexuality in their own unique way. 

Volume two of Season 3’s 'Another Day of Gravity' will begin in February 2024 and will be announced later on in the year.

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Futur.Shock LIVE Season 3