Synths celebrated at London's Planet Wax this Thursday

Synth fans will get a treat at Planet Wax in New Cross this Thursday (November 23rd) with live music and a talk from 8pm.

Oli Freke has just dropped the first two zines of his book Synthesizer Evolution: From Analogue to Digital (and Back), digging even deeper into the history of vintage synths, drum machines and samplers⁠

Vol. 1: Vintage Synths celebrates the invention of the synthesizer and outlines the history of nearly 50 of the most iconic electronic instruments of all time. 

Vol. 2: Drum Machines and Samplers details the most influential, important or interesting instruments made between 1949 and 1996, covering legendary instruments such as Roland’s TR-808 and TR-909, Akai’s S1000 and MPC60, the Fairlight CMI.

To celebrate their launch on Thursday, Oli will give a 30 minute talk on the history of the synthesizer featuring plenty of audio examples, followed by a live set. There will also be sets from Rob Vanden (live) and Tom F (DJ).

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