Sónar to light up Barcelona with interactive, data-driven sculpture

An interactive multimedia sculpture commissioned by Sónar as part of the Barcelona Nadal Festival will be installed in the city’s Plaza Universidad between 16th and 29th December 2023.

Developed by creative studio Glassworks, ‘Analema’ was inspired by the winter solstice.

The large-format work collects movement data from passers-by during the day, translating this information into an AV light show by night, visible across the city.

The installation features musical interventions by Catalan vocal duo Tarta Relena, who will perform the work live on the Saturday, December 16th, and on the solstice itself on Thursday, December 21st.

Xavier Tribó, director of Glassworks, said: "For our studio, 'Analema' is much more than a simple large-format interactive installation. It has been a unique opportunity to experiment with real-time algorithms based on the physics of light and time. 

"We are very proud of this proposal for the sensory perception of light. We invite everyone to discover different visual and sound spectrums depending on their position and time of day. It is an experiment, informed by the winter solstice, controlled by generative algorithms."

The installation will operate every day between December 16 and 29, from 11am. to 11pm., and will take two distinct states.

From 11am to 9pm

The public will be able to interact live with the installation. This will capture the movements, transform them into data and convert this information into light and musical loops, which will be synchronized with the vocal samples prerecorded by Tarta Relena.

From 11am to 6pm, during daylight hours, each of the prisms will emit the sound of each of the samples, depending on the movements of the audience.

From 6pm to 9pm, under the night sky, each interaction will cause one of the 'Analema' light sources to be activated, so that attendees will be illuminating the Barcelona skyline with their presence and movement.

From 9pm to 11pm

Every night, during this time period, a large column of vertical light will be projected into the sky that will offer a choreography, which will be the result of all the interactions recorded during the day. In this way, the experience of each night will be unique and unrepeatable. A five-minute exhibition that will be repeated every quarter of an hour and can be seen from different points of the city.

For details head to sonar.es