First Rheim Alkadh UK exhibition to be held at London's ICA

The Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) will stage the UK’s first exhibition of artist Rheim Alkadhi.

Titled Templates for Liberation, the exhibition of a sculptural installation, archival documentation, and emancipatory counter-histories in image and text addresses the ongoing consequences of war and colonialism exemplified in present-day Iraq and the region at large.

The ICA’s main gallery will feature a series of newly commissioned sculptures fabricated from heavy-duty transport tarpaulins from cross-border industrial vehicles.

Templates for Liberation is an extension of Alkadhi’s ongoing artistic engagement with the variable terrains and lived realities of West Asia and North Africa.

Andrea Nitsche-Krupp, ICA Exhibitions Curator, said: "Alkadhi’s work is a brilliant combination of precise material engagement and an expansion of a material reality onto the overlapping histories and geopolitical contexts that inform our present. She approaches everything she does with an unflinching care; it has been inspiring to converse with her these many months and I’ve no doubt her installation will prompt equally inspired, and crucial, conversations."

The exhibition will run from Tuesday, June 11th to Sunday, September 8th.

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First Rheim Alkadh UK exhibition to be held at London's ICA